How to Backup your Android Device – Completely 2024

Are you want to take a backup Android device and looking for the right way then you have come to the right place, here we will tell you step by-step how to take a backup of your Android device. so that you can keep all your data safe.

If you tamper with your device in any way, then you can lose your data permanently, so keep a backup of all important documents and contacts, so that your data will be safe and later you will not face any problem with your data.

You can back up your device by following the instructions given below. This is a very simple method if you understand the process properly then you can successfully back up your device.

How to Backup Android Phone Completely

If you do not want to lose your important data, then follow the given instructions, due to which all the valuable data can be saved.

We have told you step by step in this guide so that you do not have any problem in understanding, and after this page, you will not need to go to any other page.

If you have important data on your phone that you want to keep, make sure to back it up before proceeding with the hard reset. You can back up your data to an external storage device, a cloud service, or a computer.

  • Open the Settings application and select the Additional option.
  • Then click on Backup and Restore.
  • In the last process tap on Backup Now so that all your data will be backed up.

1. Contacts

You would not want to lose the contact list of all your relatives or friends, but remembering everyone’s contact numbers would be very difficult, and no one would want to remember all the contacts.

The best way would be to save all your contacts in your Gmail account so that later login to your Gmail account will show all the contacts.

Immediately after doing this process all contacts can be easily backed up and will automatically be added to your contact list.

  • Head toward the Gmail Settings application → Manage Accounts → click on Google account.
  • Next, access the Account Sync options.
  • Enable all the options present in the Account sync window. and click on more
  • All of your account data will be added to your Google Account.

2. SMS & Call Logs

Many of the messages done by your device are also very important and those messages cannot be linked to the Gmail account.

  • You can get the SMS & Call Backup app with the help of the Google Play store.
  • Download the SMS Backup & Restore app and enter inside the app and click on Set up a backup.
  • Choose one of these storage media (OneDrive, Google Drive, Local, Your Phone)
  • If ever data needs to be restored, cloud copies and local OR SD copies can be used.
  • Enable Scheduled Recurring Backups and choose one of the options (Daily, Weekly, Hourly).
  • The most important thing is that after completing the process, you must press the button Backup Now.

3. WhatsApp Messages

There are millions of people using WhatsApp, but only one-fourth of people in the world are using WhatsApp monthly.

You must be aware that the same WhatsApp number cannot be used in two different devices, that’s why it is very important to take a backup of WhatsApp data, which is explained by a very simple method.

  • Open the WhatsApp app and go to Settings by clicking on the three dots option on the home screen.
  • After accessing Settings, click on Chat.
  • After accessing Chats, tap on Chat Backup.
  • Once you have reached Chat Backup, tap the green (Back Up) button.
  • Finally, take a backup of WhatsApp messages.

4. Photos & Videos

We keep the memorable moments spent with our friends and our family in pictures and videos, they were very precious moments in our life that we cannot compare with anyone.

To keep all those pictures or videos safe for a long time, take a backup so that all your data will be safe. Google Photos application is considered the best for saving data.

You get enough storage up to 15GB to back up data in the Google Photos application, and enough storage can also be increased.

  • Open the Google Photos application available on your device.
  • Click on the profile image in the top right corner.
  • Then click on, Turn on Backup option.
  • Select the Gmail account in which you want to store your photos and videos.
  • After that, you will see two options. (Do not back up – Turn on backup)
  • Select Turn On Backup from both options.
  • After this, the data will automatically be uploaded to Google Photos.

5. Other files

Usually keeps useful documents safe by creating useful sheets or files. The file is sent in an application like WhatsApp so that it is successfully sent to another device.

With the help of the Google Drive application, you can easily save all the important data and take backups of files data without any loss.

  • Open the Google Drive application on your device.
  • Tap on the (+) icon on the home screen of Google Drive.
  • After that select the file which you want to upload in google drive.
  • After this, you can keep your data safe.

6. back up your pc

If you do not feel like doing so much work, then you can adopt the simplest method, which will not require you to do much process and will also be done quickly. You can save all the important data on your computer. Now follow the instructions given below to understand the complete backup guide.

  • Connect to your PC using your device’s data cable.
  • After that, you have to open the folder on your device.
  • In DCIM, select Download, Music, Picture, Movie, Ringtone, etc.
  • Copy all those given files to the hard drive.
  • Make sure to copy all the files that are selected.

Restore Your Data

  • Go to the Settings app and tap on Backup & Restore.
  • After that tap on the mobile device then select the option of Restore.
  • finally, restore all data.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Where do I find Android backup?

Ans. You can find Android backup options in the “Settings” menu of your Android device. Look for “Backup & Restore” or “Backup” settings, depending on your specific Android version and device model.

Q- How do I backup my pictures?

Ans. To backup your pictures, you can use cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud, or you can use an external hard drive to store copies of your photos.

Q- How to backup Android to USB?

Ans. Connect your Android device to a USB cable, then transfer or copy your data to a USB storage device using the file manager or dedicated backup apps.

Q- How can I backup my WhatsApp?

Ans. Use Google Photos to backup your Android photos.


I have seen on the internet that most of the websites are giving wrong information but don’t worry, accurate information will be provided on our website, I hope with our help you can back up your device successfully.

With the help of this guide, you have completed backing up your Android device without any issues. In this guide, if you face any kind of problem during the above process or want to give any suggestions, then tell me through this comment.

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